Getting Started with EMS

ZURV EMS Quick Start Guide

  1. Go to: and log-in using the user/pass provided to you.
  2. You’ll see the dashboard where you can view recent subscribers & unsubscribers, and a row of navigational tabs.
  3. Select the Campaigns tab
  4. Select 'Create New Campaign' and follow the campain creation steps. You can choose to use an existing template or create your own message on a blank e-mail.
  5. Insert a ‘from’ name/e-mail and message subject
  6. Edit the blank message or e-mail template; feel free to add images and links if you want to (the e-mail editing toolbar has most of the basic formatting options you will need)
  7. Once you’ve gotten the e-mail the way you want it, go to the body of the page and click ‘save’ and then ‘next’. (You should save your changes periodically anyway, just to be sure you don’t lose them.)
  8. You’ll see a list of options. Go through and make sure the settings are where you want them. Generally you won’t have to adjust anything, but if you want to schedule your e-mail to send automatically at a later time/date, then you will want to click the the green ‘Schedule’ option at the bottom of the list. If not, your message will just start sending immediately after you click the ‘Send Now’ button.
  9. After the campaign has been sent, you can log-in to the EMS and go to the ‘Reports’ tab to see the statistics for your campaign.
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