Custom Forms


In addition to the basic forms you can build using the AXIS Form Builder, you can also make complex custom forms which take advantage of the AXIS system. This way you go crazy with layout options, styling, validation and just about anything else. You will still be able to use the Form area to manage form properties and retrieve stored submissions.

Steps to creating or modifying a custom form:

  1. Create your form in AXIS > Forms
  2. Create a text area in the form builder. We are using text areas to store all values in custom forms.
  3. Give the field a unique name such as my_new_field_33
  4. Create your custom form by writing the HTML yourself or using software such as Dreamweaver.
  5. Make sure each field name and ID match what you created in the Form Builder
    e.g.  employer_prev3_fullyear" type="text" id=" my_new_field_33"
  6. Place this code at the end of your form, right before be sure to replace the value with your Form ID. You can find this in the URL of your form in the admin side.
    input id="formid" type="hidden" name="formid" value="2" />
  7. Create a new HTML Code Block in AXIS and paste your form code into it.



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